About Great Goods

Our names are Vicki and Rae Welch. We are a mother/daughter team, and we live near the shores of Lake Michigan where we find beach glass, Petoskey stones, and a form of slag called, "Leland Blue stone". Rae has been making jewelry with this great stuff for about 22 years.

I found my first piece of beach glass in 1978 as a kid walking along Lake Huron. I didn't know what it was, but thought it was so pretty as the sunlight came through. I decided to see how many pieces I could find, and ended up with a sandwich bag full in no time! That started everything. I collected for years until I had so much that it became an issue every time I wanted to move. I found that my many shoe boxes full exceeded 80 lbs. So, it was time to do something with it, or throw it out!

It seemed that the best use and certainly the most fun for me, was to turn it into jewlery. So, I self-taught for over a year. I had lots of trial and error in that time and came up with a way to wrap the wire that no one else was doing. I do not use solder, so there is nothing to give way or break, and the wire is wrapped tightly, so nothing comes sliding out. My work is durable and stable. I guarantee my work to last, and stand behind any repairs.

Thank you for reading, please feel free to email me with any comments, questions or requests.